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Making a balanced diet for pets is a bit like putting together a jigsaw puzzle with around 50 pieces, with each piece containing nutrients that are necessary for the animals' well-being.

All of the ingredients must fit together properly, and they bind with each other in the same way that puzzle pieces lock together to create a complete picture.

It is important to have a good understanding of house pets in order to properly care for them: Cats are fully carnivorous, while dogs are more omnivorous (though they do favor meat).

  1. Dogs have 42 teeth (cats, 30)
  2. Stomach acid is much stronger than in humans (necessary for digesting bone, and to offset less effective bacteria)
  3. The small intestine is short, making it impossible to properly digest carbohydrates
  4. Gut flora is limited compared to humans (who are omnivorous and must be able to digest a wide variety of food)
  5. Stomach can be very large, adapted to handle large meals.
  6. No digestive enzymes in saliva to help begin digestion as food is eaten.
  7. Powerful jaws, with over and under teeth that blend in with each other for biting, not chewing (all of a cat's teeth are very sharp)
  8. Few taste buds, so they get less taste of the food.

Cats and Dogs

  1. Swallow food without taking time to taste it.
  2. Food arrives in their stomach in large bites
  3. Food passes quickly through their digestive tract, and food that is not suited to a carnivore's diet goes in and then out again without providing much benefit.