Holmen Hundesenter

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Holmen 48
9517 Alta


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Holmen Hundesenter

Our Facilities

We have several separate areas at Holmen Hundesenterto best meet the needs of our guests. Dogs and cats are housed separately, and we have more divisions in the dog areas to ensure that they are properly cared for.


Our dog hotel is divided into three sections, with five rooms for dogs in each of the sections. Each room has its own door to an outdoor play area. In addition, we have four rooms and a separate outdoor area especially for small dogs, and one more room plus separate outoor space for dogs in heat. Along with the enclosed areas, there is a big field behind the hotel where we can bring (and supervise) several dogs at a time to play together.

The dogs are allowed out now and then throughout the day, and when temperatures are mild the dogs may go in and out as they choose. Dogs are taken for a walk at least once per day (with other dogs if possible), and for an extra charge we can take your dog out for an extended hike if you like. Even though they will miss you while you are gone, we will make sure they have a good time while they are here with us.

Dogs are normally fed twice per day, and have access to water all day long. Of course, if your dog has special dietary requirements, we will be happy to accommodate them. We serve Royal Canin dry food, a well-known and high quality brand that we have had very good experience with. We sell Royal Canin food at the Hundesenter as well, and we can give you a 10% price discount on food when you board your dog with us.

All dogs have their own warm blanket while they stay with us. You can either rent one from us, or bring your own from home if your dog has a favorite. There are a number of other services (such as bathing) that are available for an extra charge.


The cat hotel has place for 12 cats, each with their own room and access to outdoors. Since each room has its own cat door to the outside, cats can go in and out as they wish during the day. Cats are also allowed out (one at a time) into the indoor area where we have a cat tree and various toys. The cats are fed Royal Canin dry and wet food (or a special diet per your requirements), and we have that food available for sale at the Hundesenter, also.